Spectrum +

  • Spectrum + is the all-in-one supplement designed by world-leading doctors and neuroscientists to support individuals with autism. It’s formulated with nine all-natural ingredients to help in healthy neurological and nervous system development. This formulation is safe for all types of diets and sensitivities and helps bridge nutritional gaps that are commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder. Take 2 Spectrum + vitamins AM or PM. 

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Spectrum Vitamins | Spectrum Supplements

A Science-Backed Autism Supplement

Autism spectrum disorder neurobiology is often associated with oxidative stress. In preliminary studies Spectrum + supplement was shown to significantly reduce oxidative stress markers and helped improve core symptoms of autism (social impairment and stereotyped activity). Spectrum + also displayed beneficial effects in other behavioral abnormalities such as hyperactivity, anxiety, insufficient sleep, and cognitive function.

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Spectrum + Supplement

Spectrum + is gluten and dairy-free and provides a complete nutritional supplement with vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable forms. Benefits of Spectrum + include:

• Reduce anxiety levels

• Decrease brain and gut inflammation

• Decrease oxidative stress

• Support healthy DNA repair

• Boost immune system function

• Support the growth of healthy brain cells

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Spectrum Vitamins | Spectrum Supplements

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