What Are Symptoms of Autism?

May 27, 2021

What are the symptoms of Autism?

What Are Symptoms of Autism?

The range of autism symptoms varies greatly. One individual may experience mild anxiety or avoid eye contact, whereas another may have much difficulty communicating and engage in severe tantrums. Knowing the common symptoms of autism can be helpful.

Communication and Social Symptoms

  • Pragmatic Language – Most individuals on the autism spectrum have difficulty communicating with other people. This often becomes apparent during early childhood. Any delays in speech development and nonverbal communication should be evaluated by a qualified specialist.

  • Eye Contact and Nonverbal Communication – Avoidance of eye contact are common symptoms among those with autism. Other non-verbal communication difficulties may include recognizing and using facial expressions, physical gestures, and overall body language.

  • Tone of Voice – Some people with autism may have difficulty regulating or modulating their tone of voice. As a result, they may speak too loudly, too quietly, and/or with a monotone voice.

Behavioral Symptoms of Autism 

  • Repetitive Behaviors – Children or individuals with autism often perform the same behaviors repeatedly. This may include rocking, spinning, or flapping of the hands and arms, or flickering their fingers in front of their eyes. They may also play with toys or other objects in unusual ways, such as spinning coins or plates tirelessly and repeatedly flipping light switches.

  • Ritualistic Behaviors – This may include eating the same foods at every meal or watching the same videos over and over again. They may even become quite upset soon after any slight changes in plans.

  • Self-Harm or Injury To Others – Some individuals on the autism spectrum bang their head against the ground or wall, bite their hands, or excessively rub or scratch their skin. There are many ways to treat these behaviors including medical, sensory, nutritional, and behavioral approaches. Talk to your doctor as soon as possible if your child engages in any form of self-injurious behavior.

Conditions That Often Occur With Autism

There are several medical conditions often associated with autism, and they are often referred to as "comorbidities" or co-occurring conditions. These can include seizures, sensory sensitivities, anxiety, and difficulty falling or staying asleep as well as gastrointestinal, metabolic, and immune system disfunction.

Fitore Nutrition Products Specifically Designed to Help Children with Autism

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When Do Symptoms of Autism Appear 

Autism symptoms in children may be recognized as early as 18 months. More recently, adults are being diagnosed with autism, and this is likely due to increased awareness and screening during medical appointments. If you suspect that your son or daughter may have autism, it’s time to talk to your doctor. Interventions can make a big difference for both your child’s health and development. 

What Are Symptoms of Autism Summary 

The range of autism symptoms varies greatly. One individual may experience mild anxiety or avoid eye contact, whereas another may have much difficulty communicating and engage in severe tantrums.

Spectrum +, Thought Calmer, Easy Sleep, and Stemulife are all formulated to help children with Autism in their day-to-day lives and aid in proper DNA repair, neurological development, and immune system function. 

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