What Exercises Burn The Most Calories?

January 12, 2020

What Exercises Burn The Most Calories?

What Exercises Burn The Most Calories? 

A common question often asked is what exercises burn the most calories? A better, more thorough question to ask would be, what exercises burn the most calories that nearly everyone can participate in? In this article, you will learn the 6 best exercises to burn the most calories that everyone can do. Let's begin. 

1. Jump Rope 

Jumping Rope is one of the best exercises for losing weight

Jumping rope is the number one exercise for burning calories. If you have the strength to do this for an entire hour, you'll burn 1,074 calories (200-pound person). Even 10 minutes a day is a terrific calorie-burning exercise.  

2. Sprinting

What Exercises Burn The Most Calories?

Actually tied with jumping rope as the best exercise for burning calories is sprinting. This too will help you burn a whopping 1,074 calories if maintained for an entire hour. Running short on time? Do some sprints at max speed and get your heart rate up faster.

3. Kickboxing  

Kickboxing is a great way to lose weight and burn calories

Real, intense kickboxing can burn up to 947 calories an hour for a 200-pound person. Never tried it? Give it a try, it's more fun than you may think. 

4. Swimming 

What Exercises Burn The Most Calories?

Vigorous swimming can burn up to 892 calories per hour. Even if you don't go at max speed swimming is still an excellent calorie-burning exercise and is easy on joints too.

5. Running Up Stairs

Running Up Stairs a great exercise and is one exercise that burns the most calories

Running up stairs or on the Stairmaster not only tones your legs and calves but can burn up to 819 calories per hour. 

6. Rowing 

Rowing an excellent exercise

With vigorous effort, rowing can burn 816 calories per hour. Also, if done correctly, is an excellent back workout as well. 

There you have it, the top six most effective calorie-burning exercises. What just missed the list?

  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Tennis (singles)
  • Basketball 
  • Cross-country skiing 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Exercises Burn The Most Calories?

Q: What exercises burn the most belly fat?

A: One of the most effective ways to get rid of stubborn belly fat is to actually reduce the number of calories you consume. When trying to lose weight it is paramount you operate at a caloric deficit. In addition, excellent exercises that burn the most belly fat include walking, running, stair-climber, planks, the elliptical trainer, and bicycling to name a few. 

Q: How can I maximize my calorie burn?

A: A great way to maximize calorie burn is to do what is called fasted-cardio. What this means is simply you do cardio in the morning before you eat anything and as a result, increases the rate in which you burn fat. 

Q: Which kind of exercise burns the most calories?

A: Exercises that burn the most calories include running, bicycling, walking, swimming, jump roping, and the elliptical trainer. 

Q: How can I boost up my metabolism?

A: If you would like to boost your metabolism drink more cold water, coffee or tea, weight-train, get high-quality sleep, move around, and eat high protein meals. 

Q: What is the fastest way to burn calories?

A: The fastest way to burn the most calories is to jump rope. Jumping rope is the best exercise in terms of calorie-burning, burning 1,074 calories per hour.  



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